The vaccine issue

This is NOT an anti-vax coalition

There are two issues here: (1) the general issue of vaccines more broadly; and (2) the issue of covid vaccines which are experimental. Many members of this proposed movement support vaccines in the broader sense (i.e. they are pro-vaccine and take flu shots, etc.). They believe that vaccines save millions of lives every year. But there are also some members of this movement who oppose vaccines more broadly – on various medical and other grounds.

What brings these two groups together is the insistence on informed consent for all vaccines – even more so for the experimental covid vaccines (Greg Hunt has clearly stated that these are the largest clinical trial in the world). This position is consistent with human rights and basic human dignity. Let all people have the facts, including the information on true risks – and decide for themselves.

There will be attempts by the Big Parties to label this an anti-vax coalition, but it is not. It is a pro-choice coalition. Let the government provide the people with honest and truthful information and let them choose. If governments refuse to provide full information and choice they will lose politically because people will get to know these Big Parties, MSM and governments have something to hide – an axe to grind. Why would anyone in his or her right mind oppose informed consent?

Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) – the implications for covid vaccines

Position of Sanjeev Sabhlok regarding vaccines

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