Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) – the implications for covid vaccines

This is the pretext under which the experimental vaccines have been allowed to be used in 2021.

This is the official requirement for EUA for a drug:

An EUA must meet the following four statutory criteria to be considered. The goal of these criteria is to ensure that even in an emergency, the public is receiving the best, safest, most appropriate care possible.

  1. There must be a serious or life-threatening illness caused by a specified chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear agent.
  2. It must be reasonable to believe that the product covered by the EUA is going to be effective for the intended use—diagnosing, treating, or preventing either an illness or condition caused by a specific agent, or an illness or condition caused by an approved or authorized medical countermeasure deployed against the agent.
  3. The known and potential benefits need to outweigh the known and potential risks.
  4. There must be no adequate approved, alternative medical countermeasures available for the situation.


  1. Covid is NOT a serious or life-threatening illness for the vast majority of the population. . After taking the standard “dry tinder” effect caused by very low mortality in 2019 in Sweden, we end up with close to the average death rate in Sweden over the past ten years. Nobel prize winner Michael Levitt’s analysis of the detailed distribution of deaths is even more illuminating. And from the fact that barely six days worth of additional deaths were seen in India in 2020, we can further confirm that this has not been a Spanish flu and in most countries nowhere even in the league of the Hong Kong flu. If this had been the Spanish flu, we’d have seen over 210 million deaths across the world, but even counting for data problems, this figure is around 80 times larger than actual reported deaths. It is nothing short of criminal that our “health officers” and politicians have kept on touting the falsehood that this pandemic is a once-in-100-years event. It is not.
  2. The trials of the vaccines have grossly insufficient sample size for the high risk populations (such as the elderly) so they cannot be used to reasonably conclude that they will be effective for intended us.
  3. The benefits and risks are largely unknown – that is why these represent the largest clinical trial in the world according to Greg Hunt, Australia’s Health Minister. In particular, we need to see a benefit/risk analysis for EACH age cohort. For instance, children have close to zero risk from covid, so any benefit will need to be infinite. And so on. There is no such analysis available for various age cohorts.
  4. There are plenty of alternative medical countermeasures including Vitamins, HCQ and Invermectin. There is by now comprehensive proof that these work – having been widely used in India.

In other words, it is nothing short of criminal to mandate these experimental vaccines for anyone, particularly for people at low or no risk.


Some people have said that life insurance will be voided if someone has an adverse effect or dies from these experimental vaccines.  This needs to be checked.