Victoria’s DEEP LINKS with China under the Dan Andrews government

This initial document VICTORIA’S CHINA ENGAGEMENT (DOCX | PDF) has been prepared and contains:

Dan Andrews’s FIVE trips to China 
Victorian Cabinet Trips to China 
Chronology of Trips to China by Victorian Government Members 

Key red flags

In addition to the Belt and Road initiative which was instrumental in driving the lockdown policy across the world, there are many other red flags.

  • Andrews met with a US blacklisted company on his 2019 trip.
  • The multiple MoU’s signed to export Victoria’s medical research and health information (commenced in 2015).
  • MoUs that allow the exchange of our data and expertise through the Universities – the US flagged that as a CCP methodology to steal proprieties/ inventions etc via infiltration through their Universities and have already fired over 1,000 staff. This is also a good ‘backdoor’ entry into data that universities hold on people/ staff/ projects/ assets etc.

Additionally, the CCP’s “BGY” program spends vast amounts every in Australia (BGY = Blue [control media/ internet], Gold [Money bribes and corruption], Yellow [Sex bribes and corruption]). Government delegates travelling to China are targeted.