First we must rid Australians of the fear that has been drummed into them

The WA election result has made it clear that the voter continues to be a state of deep hysteria and panic and is seeking the comfort of the incumbent political parties to “survive this biggest calamity since mankind arrived on planet Earth”.

People have built a massive wall around their head (like around a nuclear power station) to block any ray of light from penetrating. These people are so afraid they WANT border closures, quarantines, lockdowns, curfews, mandatory masks and mandatory vaccines. They WANT the vaccine passport.

As someone has said: “A basic need for someone in fear is to feel safe … until then, they won’t hear with reason, and they will follow the loudest/strongest leader, without reason“.

It is therefore not good enough to talk only to the “converted” – those who know this is a grossly exaggerated pandemic. We must try to reach out to the average Australian to try to break this brick wall that supports the totalitarian actions of Australia’s politicians.

Australia’s crooked politicians (from the Liberal and Labor parties) will only listen if they feel their job is actually threatened.  Currently, they are confident that no one can disrupt the total control the currently exercise through 24/7 fear mongering..

[Update 6 April 2020: Mass hysteria continues unabated, and if anyone thinks otherwise, have a look at these]

We must try to put 90% of our effort into dousing this fear, panic and hysteria. Once people lose their fear and get back the use of their mind, incumbent politicians will be punished like never before. A landslide electoral victory awaits any group that can stop the hysteria. 


These two documents have been prepared by Sanjeev Sabhlok to start talking to people who are in deep fear about the virus:

Sample A3 chart Sample handout Report on the experiment
19 March 2021 version Word | PDF Word | PDF 1. Bulleen Plaza, 19 March 2021 [Facebook live report]
23 March 2021 version Word | PDF 3. Bulleen Plaza, 23 March 2021 [Report on Facebook]
24 March 2021 version Word | PDF 4. Bulleen Plaza, 24 March 2021 [Report on Facebook]
25 March 2021 version Word | PDF 5. Bulleen Plaza, 25 March 2021 [Report on Facebook]
27 March 2021 version Word | PDF 6. Bullen Plaza, 27 March 2021 [Report on Facebook]
28 March 2021 version Word | PDF Word | PDF 7. Bulleen Plaza, 28 March 2021 [Report on Facebook]
 30 March 2021 version Word | PDF 8. Bullen Plaza, 31 March 2021 [Report on Facebook]
 Unused Word | PDF
Word | PDF
 3 April 2021 Frankston Word | PDF 9. Frankston bay area, 3 April 2021 [Report on Facebook] Video by William Twigg: On Facebook | On YouTube
 7 April 2021 – DTF? TBC Word | PDF

The underlying data – here.

Second experiment (Ghazal restaurant, Werribee): 21 March 2021 [Report on Facebook]


Please consider trying out experiments to lower the level of hysteria and panic in the community and let me (Sanjeev Sabhlok) know what works – at



An illustrative fear-removal experiment in Newcastle, NSW by Mark Armstrong


Here’s excellent advice provided by a volunteer on how to approach people:

We MUST acknowledge and validate how people feel before inundating them with facts. We can start we statements that show we get it:

E.g. 1 – “This year has made a lot of people fear for their safety and the safety of those they love. It was scary seeing footage of overrun hospitals and hearing the news constantly reporting case numbers.”

“However, a year has passed and we have learnt many things. We have lots of data and we have many human stories. This data, in combination with common sense and compassion strongly suggests, even confirms, that the governments have mislead the Australian public. And no, this is not a conspiracy theory – these are the facts.

E.g. 2 – “2020 saw people across the globe lose their livelihoods, lose their loved ones without being able to see and touch them, lose their education, miss the birth of children, the celebration of marriage and the sanctity of funerals. Australians were consistently told they made these sacrifices for the safety of themselves and others.”

“When we consider that the government may have misled us, and that the data we were given around covid19 testing, cases numbers, severity and the information provided regarding scientific methods for managing the situation were wildly dramatised and biased, and led to unnecessary hysteria – it can be a hard pill to swallow. However, if we want to protect our future, it’s a pill we must.” Launch into facts.

Further comment received: It might also be less about people being fearful for themselves and more about people thinking they’re saving granny/ protecting the elderly. People are trying to do the right thing and they think it’s justified to sacrifice normal life to spare the high risk vulnerable like the elderly without questioning a possible false assumption.

If people could be made aware that lockdowns to save granny was a myth perpetuated by Daniel Andrews/Govt then maybe they’d be happier to open up the state/to have things get back to normal. If this myth could be dismantled maybe the narrative could come undone and people could then see the futility of following the unscientific CHO/Andrews directives (eg. myths like PCR testing, of “outbreaks”, the myth that lockdowns prevent spread of the virus,that children spread it etc).


Currently the hysteria is about life itself as the scarce resource and the virus is the threat to life. We could make adulthood, freedom and responsibility as the scarce resources that are being threatened.

a) Economic: What if counter the fear of the virus with a fear of economic ruin, bankruptcy, and so on?  Pointing out the many empty shops, signal impending economic ruin for all if this scamdemic is allowed to continue.

b) Orwell land: And the threat is the government and their march towards Orwell land? We must pitch a message that our leaders are a mix of hysterical fools who valued populist perceptions of having saved lives rather than being mature tough decisions. People already know politicians are vain and selfish. That and/or add that they are corrupt and tainted liars.



The mass hysteria (fear and panic re: covid) in Australia means that the average person is unable to logically think about the vaccine.

The moment people realise this is not the Spanish flu but barely worse than a bad flu, the desperation some people feel for getting the vaccine will disappear.

This experimental vaccine should be considered by individuals in relation to the actual risk facing the person. For people at very low risk from covid (which is the overwhelming majority of the population), there is probably no need to take this experimental vaccine.  But most people, being in a state of fear and hysteria, are simply unable to assess the cost and benefit of the vaccine.


I got the best results when I ask questions and peaked their interest so they would want to ask for more.. “what if you knew”.. or..

“how many thousand of people died from Covid in 2020 x y or z number?” After they guess or say what they think.. ask them what would you say if you could find out the actual government figure?

“Why would that be of interest to you?” They will likely say yes and then they can ‘discover’ what’s really going on.

“Why do you think the MSM (Lame Stream Media) told you a different figure?”

“Who do you think would benefit from you having the this wrong information?”

“now that you know this, how will this affect you?

notice these are all Open Ended questions.  not yes / no questions.

This way you are not making them wrong by challenging their hypnosis, but peaking their curiosity and letting them “discover” something no one else may know..

I would build my questions into a Q&A table for my study and so I can remember them all, where i would come up with all the answers / objections a prospect would likely have so I could ask another question to their question or objection aiming to get them to tell me the answer.

I suggest taking the objections and statement you now have and working up those questions where you already know what the end result / answer will be that the prospect will get to, this way you can lead by question to your logical result that the prospect will come to.

Books, How to master the art of selling by Tom Hopkins, Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards, The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy to name a few.



I like the ‘at what point would you..’ kind of questions. At what point would you consider it tyrannical enough to say something? At masks? At telling us we can’t travel? At locking up innocents for two weeks? At locking them up permanently? At telling YOU thar you can’t move beyond your driveway? Etc


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