Chronology of the movement

After resignation on 9 September 2020,  Sanjeev wrote articles (Financial Review, The Australian, Spectator) and a book, as well as a complaint to the ICC and a letter to the head of ASIO. He also started Liberate Victoria to engage with the community about this issue.

Nothing happened. Politicians did not budge from their crimes against humanity.

So he had NO CHOICE but to progress his opposition to public health terrorism through the democratic process.

19 December 2020: Sanjeev Sabhlok’s call to the youth to organise politically.

20 January 2021: Sanjeev Sabhlok proposes a Third Front

8 February 2021: Initial discussion between Sanjeev Sabhlok, Monica Smit and Matt Lawson

This meeting, which took place in Sanjeev’s house (with Matt on the phone), decided to attempt a political movement. 

16 February 2021: Initial speeches and last-ditch call to political parties

On 16 February 2021,  Sanjeev tried to speak outside Matthew Guy’s office but was driven away by the police. He gave the following last-ditch call to politicians to start following the laws else we would be forced to organise politically:

Just a couple of hours prior to that, Monica Smit gave her first political speech:

20 February 2021: Speeches by Monica and Sanjeev at a rally against mandatory vaccines

27 February 2020: Soft launch of the political movement outside Greg Hunt’s constituency office in Somerville


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