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Some studies that show the devastating effects of lockdowns

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  • On 20 October 2020, the Australian Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg made an appeal to Daniel Andrews to ‘end lockdown torture’[1].
  • A recent study shows that one out of ten Victorians had seriously contemplated suicide during last year’s lockdowns[2].
  • John Tierney analysed excess deaths in the group aged 15 to 54 in the USA. Most of these weren’t attributable to the virus but to lockdowns[3].
  • Sajid Javid, the UK Health Secretary, has admitted that lockdowns cost lives[4].
  • “The number of years of life lost to lockdown is many times greater than the number of years of life lost to covid-19” – based on multiple studies[5].
  • The fact that lockdowns have devastated those on lower incomes has been identified in data analysis from Harvard University, Brown University, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation[6]. And “Covid-19 has cost global workers $3.7tn in lost earnings, says ILO”[7].
  • Websites like have been tracking studies about harms from lockdowns.
  • “Evidence is emerging of a wave of non-COVID excess deaths, including in working-age individuals, due to the impact of lockdown policies”[8]








[8] McArthur, Emma, “Responding to Covid-19: Public Health or Public Harm?”, PANDA, June 2021



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Candidate profile: Sanjeev Sabhlok

Sanjeev Sabhlok





Sanjeev’s background is available at:

He has a range of qualifications in science, business management and economics, with a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.


He  resigned on 9 September 2020 (reported via an article in the Financial Review) to fight the police state and lies in Victoria. He also showed in his 16 September 2020 article in the Financial Review that this pandemic is nowhere in the league of the Spanish flu.

His resignation was widely reported in the media (see list of interviews  and news reports. The show by Alan Jones on his resignation has received nearly 4 million views to date. The interview with Peta Credlin has been watched by at least 130,000 people. Millions of people watched on Channel 9 and Channel 7 (good morning show), as well.

Since then he has written a book, The Great Hysteria and The Broken State, a complaint to the International Criminal Court, an Open Letter to ASIO on the role of CCP in creating the hysteria that led to the lockdowns (which were invented by Xi Jinping). In addition, he wrote on 30 December 2020 in The Australian showing conclusively that this pandemic has been grossly exaggerated. On 6 February 2021 he showed in The Spectator why quarantines are simply against the science and the laws.


Despite the vast amounts of information provided to the media leaders and to the government, it is clear that these people are not listening to the facts. They are either mentally in panic from the covid virus or have been bought out by pharmaceutical industry and/or CCP.

Therefore Sanjeev Sabhlok has decided to enter the political field directly and to contest the seat of Menzies.

See his Facebook page for updates: 

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Lockdowns were NEVER implemented in human history in the past and are rejected by all official pandemic plans

See details here.

In addition:


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Here are the extracts:



Eric, we cannot have another a year like the year we’ve just lived through, which has been corrosive of the human spirit, destructive of human liberties and disastrous for prosperity. Absolutely catastrophic.

Now, again every death is sad, but an illness which claims people at about the same age that they can be expected to die anyway is not something that we should have turned the world upside down over – at least after the initial period of looking at it and considering what the best way forward was. I think we should have proceeded with a lot fewer restrictions on people’s daily lives than we in fact have had.

I think we have never really been clear about our objective. Was it to flatten the curve, was it to suppress the illness, was it to eradicate the illness? And in Australia without ever really properly debating and deciding the matter, effectively we’ve got an eradication strategy.

Now you can eradicate the illness if initially, or in the face of any significant outbreaks, you introduce drastic lockdowns and you keep your borders closed more or less indefinitely. I’m not sure that is realistic – even with the vaccine now in the offing – I doubt that we can really get away for the for the medium term with a continued eradication strategy.

Frankly, once we knew what we were dealing with, I think we should have adopted a management strategy – which was to do our best to protect the vulnerable, to keep the health system functioning, but otherwise to allow people to get on with their lives.

And while governments have a duty to keep the health system running, while governments have a duty to protect people as far as they can, I’m not sure that government can close down or should close down society for any significant period of time simply to prevent people from dying of what have become natural causes, and that is effectively what I think coronavirus has now become.

I certainly think that it would be good if we could devise ways of keeping the disease out which are far less drastic and intrusive than a 14-day effective prison stay – so look, I think that’s well worth looking at, but again what we’ve got is this safety first mindset, better to be safe than sorry. And I guess it’s understandable at one level but in the end life is to be lived, not to be cowed from, and I just have this sense that too many of us have basically spent the year hiding under the doona. And if it was Ebola, fair enough, but it’s not.

In terms of virulence this pandemic is about on a par with the Hong Kong flu pandemic of the late 1960s and the Asian flu pandemic of the late 1950s and there was nothing like the economic and social reaction to those that we’ve had to this.

Now, I accept that people move on and times change but again I’m not sure that we are a more resilient society now than we were then. And I’d like to see more resilience, frankly, and a bit more stoicism in the face of various forms of peril.

Democracies are by nature risk-averse and the media by nature plays on people’s fears, but I think the problem is that in a country like Australia where 500 people a day roughly can be expected to die of natural causes anyway, we’ve allowed ourselves to fixate on a new cause as it were, and let that dominate everything. It’s very understandable why this has happened but I think the job of leadership is to keep things in more perspective than we’ve been able to over this last nine months or so.

So look, would we do this again when the next pandemic strikes – because there will be a future pandemic. When all of this has at least for the moment passed and we sit back and try to consider that I’d be very surprised if we say that we could do it all again exactly the same way.

I think that the next pandemic should be handled much more from a medical perspective and much less from a lockdown perspective. Keep the health system as beefed up as it needs to be to treat people, but don’t try to order people to give up their life for

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Potential messages for flyers/ banners

A list of potential messages

  1. The virus is not as dangerous as it has been made out.  Data from across the world shows the mortality effects of covid to be about the same as for a bad influenza year.  For Sweden, which refused to have economy-destroying lockdowns, their excess deaths for 2020 were only 1.5% higher than the average of the previous five years (note 1).

Note 1

  1. Lockdowns don’t work, but do enormous health, social and economic damage.  The world’s most revered medical journal, The Lancet, published a study in July, 2020, that showed “full lockdowns, rapid border closures and widespread testing” have no effect on infection and death rates (note 2).  There is also a considerable number of peer-reviewed research papers that support the findings of The Lancet, but also show that lockdowns destroy hundreds of thousands of perfectly healthy, normal lives (note 3).

Note 2:

Note 3:

  1. They claim otherwise, but our governments have not been following the science.  In 2019, the WHO published guidance for countries dealing with pandemics and epidemics.  That guidance did NOT call for lockdowns, curfews, border closures and contact tracing (note 4).

Note 4:


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First we must rid Australians of the fear that has been drummed into them

The WA election result has made it clear that the voter continues to be a state of deep hysteria and panic and is seeking the comfort of the incumbent political parties to “survive this biggest calamity since mankind arrived on planet Earth”.

People have built a massive wall around their head (like around a nuclear power station) to block any ray of light from penetrating. These people are so afraid they WANT border closures, quarantines, lockdowns, curfews, mandatory masks and mandatory vaccines. They WANT the vaccine passport.

As someone has said: “A basic need for someone in fear is to feel safe … until then, they won’t hear with reason, and they will follow the loudest/strongest leader, without reason“.

It is therefore not good enough to talk only to the “converted” – those who know this is a grossly exaggerated pandemic. We must try to reach out to the average Australian to try to break this brick wall that supports the totalitarian actions of Australia’s politicians.

Australia’s crooked politicians (from the Liberal and Labor parties) will only listen if they feel their job is actually threatened.  Currently, they are confident that no one can disrupt the total control the currently exercise through 24/7 fear mongering..

[Update 6 April 2020: Mass hysteria continues unabated, and if anyone thinks otherwise, have a look at these]

We must try to put 90% of our effort into dousing this fear, panic and hysteria. Once people lose their fear and get back the use of their mind, incumbent politicians will be punished like never before. A landslide electoral victory awaits any group that can stop the hysteria. 


These two documents have been prepared by Sanjeev Sabhlok to start talking to people who are in deep fear about the virus:

Sample A3 chart Sample handout Report on the experiment
19 March 2021 version Word | PDF Word | PDF 1. Bulleen Plaza, 19 March 2021 [Facebook live report]
23 March 2021 version Word | PDF 3. Bulleen Plaza, 23 March 2021 [Report on Facebook]
24 March 2021 version Word | PDF 4. Bulleen Plaza, 24 March 2021 [Report on Facebook]
25 March 2021 version Word | PDF 5. Bulleen Plaza, 25 March 2021 [Report on Facebook]
27 March 2021 version Word | PDF 6. Bullen Plaza, 27 March 2021 [Report on Facebook]
28 March 2021 version Word | PDF Word | PDF 7. Bulleen Plaza, 28 March 2021 [Report on Facebook]
 30 March 2021 version Word | PDF 8. Bullen Plaza, 31 March 2021 [Report on Facebook]
 Unused Word | PDF
Word | PDF
 3 April 2021 Frankston Word | PDF 9. Frankston bay area, 3 April 2021 [Report on Facebook] Video by William Twigg: On Facebook | On YouTube
 7 April 2021 – DTF? TBC Word | PDF

The underlying data – here.

Second experiment (Ghazal restaurant, Werribee): 21 March 2021 [Report on Facebook]


Please consider trying out experiments to lower the level of hysteria and panic in the community and let me (Sanjeev Sabhlok) know what works – at



An illustrative fear-removal experiment in Newcastle, NSW by Mark Armstrong


Here’s excellent advice provided by a volunteer on how to approach people:

We MUST acknowledge and validate how people feel before inundating them with facts. We can start we statements that show we get it:

E.g. 1 – “This year has made a lot of people fear for their safety and the safety of those they love. It was scary seeing footage of overrun hospitals and hearing the news constantly reporting case numbers.”

“However, a year has passed and we have learnt many things. We have lots of data and we have many human stories. This data, in combination with common sense and compassion strongly suggests, even confirms, that the governments have mislead the Australian public. And no, this is not a conspiracy theory – these are the facts.

E.g. 2 – “2020 saw people across the globe lose their livelihoods, lose their loved ones without being able to see and touch them, lose their education, miss the birth of children, the celebration of marriage and the sanctity of funerals. Australians were consistently told they made these sacrifices for the safety of themselves and others.”

“When we consider that the government may have misled us, and that the data we were given around covid19 testing, cases numbers, severity and the information provided regarding scientific methods for managing the situation were wildly dramatised and biased, and led to unnecessary hysteria – it can be a hard pill to swallow. However, if we want to protect our future, it’s a pill we must.” Launch into facts.

Further comment received: It might also be less about people being fearful for themselves and more about people thinking they’re saving granny/ protecting the elderly. People are trying to do the right thing and they think it’s justified to sacrifice normal life to spare the high risk vulnerable like the elderly without questioning a possible false assumption.

If people could be made aware that lockdowns to save granny was a myth perpetuated by Daniel Andrews/Govt then maybe they’d be happier to open up the state/to have things get back to normal. If this myth could be dismantled maybe the narrative could come undone and people could then see the futility of following the unscientific CHO/Andrews directives (eg. myths like PCR testing, of “outbreaks”, the myth that lockdowns prevent spread of the virus,that children spread it etc).


Currently the hysteria is about life itself as the scarce resource and the virus is the threat to life. We could make adulthood, freedom and responsibility as the scarce resources that are being threatened.

a) Economic: What if counter the fear of the virus with a fear of economic ruin, bankruptcy, and so on?  Pointing out the many empty shops, signal impending economic ruin for all if this scamdemic is allowed to continue.

b) Orwell land: And the threat is the government and their march towards Orwell land? We must pitch a message that our leaders are a mix of hysterical fools who valued populist perceptions of having saved lives rather than being mature tough decisions. People already know politicians are vain and selfish. That and/or add that they are corrupt and tainted liars.



The mass hysteria (fear and panic re: covid) in Australia means that the average person is unable to logically think about the vaccine.

The moment people realise this is not the Spanish flu but barely worse than a bad flu, the desperation some people feel for getting the vaccine will disappear.

This experimental vaccine should be considered by individuals in relation to the actual risk facing the person. For people at very low risk from covid (which is the overwhelming majority of the population), there is probably no need to take this experimental vaccine.  But most people, being in a state of fear and hysteria, are simply unable to assess the cost and benefit of the vaccine.


I got the best results when I ask questions and peaked their interest so they would want to ask for more.. “what if you knew”.. or..

“how many thousand of people died from Covid in 2020 x y or z number?” After they guess or say what they think.. ask them what would you say if you could find out the actual government figure?

“Why would that be of interest to you?” They will likely say yes and then they can ‘discover’ what’s really going on.

“Why do you think the MSM (Lame Stream Media) told you a different figure?”

“Who do you think would benefit from you having the this wrong information?”

“now that you know this, how will this affect you?

notice these are all Open Ended questions.  not yes / no questions.

This way you are not making them wrong by challenging their hypnosis, but peaking their curiosity and letting them “discover” something no one else may know..

I would build my questions into a Q&A table for my study and so I can remember them all, where i would come up with all the answers / objections a prospect would likely have so I could ask another question to their question or objection aiming to get them to tell me the answer.

I suggest taking the objections and statement you now have and working up those questions where you already know what the end result / answer will be that the prospect will get to, this way you can lead by question to your logical result that the prospect will come to.

Books, How to master the art of selling by Tom Hopkins, Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards, The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy to name a few.



I like the ‘at what point would you..’ kind of questions. At what point would you consider it tyrannical enough to say something? At masks? At telling us we can’t travel? At locking up innocents for two weeks? At locking them up permanently? At telling YOU thar you can’t move beyond your driveway? Etc

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Victoria’s DEEP LINKS with China under the Dan Andrews government

This initial document VICTORIA’S CHINA ENGAGEMENT (DOCX | PDF) has been prepared and contains:

Dan Andrews’s FIVE trips to China 
Victorian Cabinet Trips to China 
Chronology of Trips to China by Victorian Government Members 

Key red flags

In addition to the Belt and Road initiative which was instrumental in driving the lockdown policy across the world, there are many other red flags.

  • Andrews met with a US blacklisted company on his 2019 trip.
  • The multiple MoU’s signed to export Victoria’s medical research and health information (commenced in 2015).
  • MoUs that allow the exchange of our data and expertise through the Universities – the US flagged that as a CCP methodology to steal proprieties/ inventions etc via infiltration through their Universities and have already fired over 1,000 staff. This is also a good ‘backdoor’ entry into data that universities hold on people/ staff/ projects/ assets etc.

Additionally, the CCP’s “BGY” program spends vast amounts every in Australia (BGY = Blue [control media/ internet], Gold [Money bribes and corruption], Yellow [Sex bribes and corruption]). Government delegates travelling to China are targeted.


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Australian intelligence agencies failed to warn the people against fake CCP videos

Lockdowns are purely the invention of Xi Jinping.  [See more details here]

The moment the lockdowns started and the WHO China chief declared on 24 January 2020 that these are “new to science” (thus severely criticising Jinping), CCP needed to somehow show that (a) the disease was far more dangerous than it is; and (b) to “show” that lockdowns work.

The first thing CCP did was to punch out fake videos. (See this and this.) E.g.


We can see the story here – in a May 2020 video by CCP’s mouthpiece – it is clear that China used all kinds of pressure to force the West to lockdown and attacked those who didn’t.







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Data and explanation for the Sweden chart from PANDA

This post contains two spreadsheets with alternative analyses (both are legitimate but the age-adjusted is more robust) . In addition, it contains a link to a different post which has numerous alternative analyses, including by Nobel prize winner Michael Levitt.


This chart prepared by PANDA shows how covid is nowhere in the league of the Spanish flu. The CHOs and politicians have been feeding Australians false information for over one year now.  [See this article by Nick Hudson, and interview of Sanjeev Sabhlok by Nick Hudson here].

Download the source spreadsheet here. (Right click mouse and “save as”)

Age adjustment: The historically observed mortality rate for each group (by 5-yr age bins) is applied to the current number of people in that group. This takes out the effects of an ageing population and immigration. 

A similar adjustment is carried out in the other chart the spreadsheet for gender.

Note on the legend: Because I’ve manipulated the colour of 2020 to yellow, there is nothing about the yellow colour in the legend. This error will need to be fixed if this chart is used in any academic setting.


Here’s another way to present the data:

Someone suggested we say: “This is what the govt said would happen” in the top line. In Sweden the government rejected all these stupid models. It was only in Australia that criminals like Morrison and Andrews relied on fake models.

In Australia they predicted 150,000 deaths.


For those who want to look at the Sweden data without the age adjustment, here’s the chart:

The underlying spreadsheet is available here.

3) Deaths per million jumbled – a puzzle for people

Data: Spreadsheet (click right button of mouse to download)

Alternative version.

If I had money I’d put out a $10k award for those who answer correctly and who’d then qualify for a draw. That would get millions to answer.

4) Comparison with Spanish flu

This chart is helpful in understanding the SMALLNESS of this pandemic – even ignoring the fact that over half the covid deaths are not consistent with “excess deaths” data. Source data here.


Lies about the magnitude of this pandemic

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