About us

Last updated: 10 April 2021

The Freedom Team (Australia) is not a registered organisation nor intends to be registered. It is an association, an alliance of political parties that will work together to fight the Liberal and Labor parties politically.


8 February 2021: A third front is visualised by Sanjeev Sabhlok to compete politically with the current Big Parties – Liberal and Labor – a loose association of constituent political parties and independents. Many iterations of the proposal are shared on social media and connections made with various political parties. (A current version of the proposal (PDF) )

17 March 2021: Initial support for events for a third front (initially named Team Australia) was provided by Reignite Democracy Australia (RDA). As at 17 March 2021, RDA reverted to its main activity of supporting good candidates across Australia, since the third front had only received support from a single political party (IMOP).

10 April 2021: The third front is reactivated as it has been firmly decided to form a new political party to directly compete with the Liberal and Labor parties. This new party along with IMOP will constitute the initial third front, renamed Freedom Team (Australia).


Chronology of this political movement

The initial team of this political movement